What's one message?

Any text or call that is sent or received through eCourtDate.


  • Each text of up to 2 segments or 320 characters in the U.S. or Canada
  • Each additional segment of up to 160 characters incurs an added message
  • Multimedia incurs an added message


  • Each call of up to 1 minute in the U.S. or Canada
  • Each additional minute incurs an added message
  • Recording incurs an added message

Proactive Support

24/7 email and chat support

Fully-guided setup process

Unlimited virtual trainings

Engineers on standby

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Add-on Products

90% outbound success rate

Our Deliverability Guarantee

We stand by the performance of our messaging, so much so that we don't charge you for any failures.

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Failures are Free

Text wasn't delivered because you have an old number? Free. Text failed because the recipient didn't have an active plan? Free. Regardless of the reason, a failed message is always free.

Contact Validation

We automatically validate provided phones and emails to get you insight on the quality of your contacts.

Unreachable Reports

We automatically generate real-time reports of who didn't receive at least one successful message based on upcoming events and payments.