We build, host, and support the eCourtDate platform 100% in the USA 🇺🇸.

Included in Every Plan

  • Unlimited Users
  • Access to All Features
  • Ongoing Updates
  • Guided Onboarding
  • 24/7 Help Desk

All plans include a 30-day free trial. No credit card required.

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    Text/Voice Credits

    Purchase credits to send and receive multilingual texts (SMS/MMS) and voice calls (US and Canada). Outbound SMS: up to 320 characters for the first credit, 160 characters for each additional credit. Inbound SMS: 1 credit / message. Voice: 1 credit / minute. MMS: 1 credit / message.

    10K Text/Voice Credits
    $1,000.00 ($0.1 / credit)

    50K Text/Voice Credits
    $4,500.00 ($0.08 / credit)

    100K Text/Voice Credits
    $6,000.00 ($0.06 / credit)

    500K Text/Voice Credits
    $25,000.00 ($0.05 / credit)

    1M Text/Voice Credits
    $40,000.00 ($0.04 / credit)

    Email/Push Credits

    Purchase credits to send and receive multilingual emails and push notifications.

    10K Email/Push Credits
    $100.00 ($0.01 / credit)

    100K Email/Push Credits
    $600.00 ($0.006 / credit)

    500K Email/Push Credits
    $2,500.00 ($0.005 / credit)

    1M Email/Push Credits
    $4,000.00 ($0.004 / credit)

    10M Email/Push Credits
    $20,000.00 ($0.002 / credit)

    100M Email/Push Credits
    $100,000.00 ($0.001 / credit)

    Postal Credits

    Purchase credits to send letters (8.5 x 11) and postcards (6 x 9). Printed in color with your return address. Includes First Class delivery with USPS. Carrier rate for Priority Mail and additional services.

    1K Postal Credits
    $2,000.00 ($2 / credit)

    10K Postal Credits
    $15,000.00 ($1.5 / credit)

    100K Postal Credits
    $100,000.00 ($1 / credit)


    Local Phone Numbers

    $250.00 / year

    Activate 10-digit phone numbers in your preferred area code to send and receive texts and calls.

    10 Local Phone Numbers
    $2,000.00 ($200 / local number)

    Toll Free Phone Numbers

    $350.00 / year

    Activate toll-free phone numbers to receive texts and calls. Supports e911 and multilingual interactive voice response.

    Random Short Codes

    $15,000.00 / year

    Activate a random short code to send messages. Ideal for high-volume outbound SMS.

    Vanity Short Codes

    $25,000.00 / year

    Activate a dedicated short code to send high-volume outbound SMS.


    Reverse Lookups

    Run reverse lookups to validate phone numbers and email addresses. Get carrier, line type, ISP, and registered owner details.

    10K Reverse Lookups
    $400.00 ($0.04 / lookup)

    50K Reverse Lookups
    $1,500.00 ($0.03 / lookup)

    100K Reverse Lookups
    $2,000.00 ($0.02 / lookup)

    File Storage

    $250.00 / year

    Cloud storage to send and receive encrypted files with document analysis and security scanning.

    10GB File Storage
    $240.00 ($24 / GB)

    100GB File Storage
    $1,200.00 ($12 / GB)

    1TB File Storage
    $6,000.00 ($6 / GB)

    SFTP Gateway

    $1,500.00 / year

    Transfer files automatically using a GovCloud-based server.

    SMTP Relay

    $1,500.00 / year

    Send and receive emails using an external SMTP server.

    Custom Domain

    $250.00 / year

    Register a custom subdomain for portals and emails (ex: jurors.court.gov).

    Wildcard Custom Domain

    $1,000.00 / year

    Register a custom wildcard domain for portals and emails with support for up to 20 subdomains (ex: *.court.gov).

Dedicated Plan

Ideal for counties and states who want a dedicated instance of eCourtDate.

Launch a Statewide or Countywide Court Notification Program

An isolated, dedicated instance of eCourtDate for your county or state. Ideal for large-scale, multi-agency deployments.

Control software version and updates

Configurable network and security settings

Unique domain and branding for all applications

Unlimited users, locations, and agencies

Dedicated AWS GovCloud™ infrastructure

Custom integrations, dashboards, and help center

Named success manager and support engineer

Developer Plan

Ideal for system developers providing solutions for the justice system.

Integrate your software with eCourtDate and provide a secure and reliable notification solution to your users.

Access to the eCourtDate API, webhooks, domains, and portals

GovCloud™ hosted infrastructure

Compliant with CJIS, HIPAA, and accessibility standards

Pay-as-you-go wholesale rates

24/7 help desk and developer support

Do you already send notifications with a different system?

We'll meet or beat your current pricing and provide migration support.

Contact us for a custom quote.

View Developer Documentation

Sample Node.js code to send a one-off message:

            const axios = require('axios');

            let post = {
                "to": "PhoneOrEmail",
                "from": "Case Manager",
                "subject": "Your court date has been rescheduled",
                "content": "We have rescheduled your court date to 06/25/2024 09:00 AM...",

            axios.post('https://api.ecourtdate.com/v1/messages/oneoffs', post,
            { headers: { 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN' } })
            .then(response => {
                if(response.status === 201 && response.data.uuid) {
                    console.log('Message sent');
            .catch(error =>
                { console.error(error); }


Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses eCourtDate?
We partner with local, regional, and national government entities in the justice system, such as courts, pretrial, probation, corrections, law enforcement, and IT agencies.
How does pricing work?
A subscription plan includes access to the core eCourtDate platform, ongoing feature updates, and a 24/7 help desk. Add-ons, such as message credits for texting, are pay-as-you-go, with discounts available based on volume. Add-on credits roll over automatically with a plan renewal.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, checks, and ACH.
Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes, we do. Please email billing@ecourtdate.com for assistance.
When is the first invoice issued?
We issue the first invoice after the 30-day trial expires, which includes the plan subscription and any activated add-ons. Invoices are due within 30 days.
Do you offer refunds?
We do not offer refunds. Canceled plans have a one-month grace period to use any remaining credits.