Streamline recurring legal tasks with secure file, form, and response management.

Create Public and Private Libraries

Auto-Populate Forms with Case Data

Send and Receive Forms and Files

Link to Multimedia and Interactive Forms

Track and Report on Form Submissions

Send Reminders for Incomplete Forms

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Demo of Files and Forms

Any data exportable with eSignature in PDF

Works with your preexisting data (or multiple data sources) to create notifications.

Multilingual fields for dynamic forms

Make data capture flexible and easy by directing users to the correct forms for their needs.

Real-time automation

Information is constantly updated without needing to refresh the page.

Multiple user versions

Each user type accesses only the libraries for their associated permissions.

Regulate sharable forms and procedures.

Have one central location where your forms are created, shared, filled, and stored.

Embed forms in your website and emails

Display real-time data from forms on physical screens and 24/7 on your website.

Find forms more quickly with efficient form management processes.

Establish protocols for filing and management of new documents.

Search is available in multiple languages across the platform.

Enable search from home for those working out of the office.

The chain of custody is maintained with digital timestamps and upload location records.

Human error happens. Try to mitigate the problem of misplaced documents with designated file storage methods.

Document Search Files and Forms Library Use Case
Payment Reminders Link Use Case

The evidence portal you never knew you already had.

Use eCourtDate's industry-leading file storage and retrieval system as a CJIS-compliant evidence library.

Simple and advanced remote searches are available for all approved users from any non-blacklisted location.

The intuitive upload process sets your team up for success with minimal training.

Get started right out of the box with a flexible solution that can be implemented in record time.

Approved users can upload any file type or create new libraries from any device.

Location Files and Forms Library Use Case

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