Flat File In-App Upload Editing

Upload Management

Search, view, and manage current and previous uploads in-app.

Test automated uploads without any production data with generated fake data based on your source mapping.

Manually upload files in-app in a bulk uploader.

Replay uploads after template configuration changes or failures.

SFTP Gateway

Automatically transfer flat files based on your schedule.

Gateway supports on-premise and cloud servers.

Gateway syncs hourly with the source server.

Multi-agency support via directory or column.

Whitelist and restrict access by IP and SSH.

SFTP Gateway Odyssey and Legacy Case Management System Compatible

Compatible Case Management Systems

eCourtDate is compatible with many case management systems, including some of the most popular ones listed here.

Need help finding your CMS? Our team is well-versed in custom integrations. We are happy to work with any CMS team to make our client's lives easier.

    Tyler Technologies Odyssey

    Thomson Reuters C-Track

    (Virginia) PTCC Case Mgmt & Reporting System

    (Washington) JIS Case Management Applications for Courts

    (Texas) TechShare Integrated Criminal Justice Solutions

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