Upload Management

Search, view, and manage current and previous uploads in-app.

Test automated uploads without any production data with generated fake data based on your source mapping.

Manually upload files in-app in a bulk uploader.

Replay uploads after template configuration changes or failures.

Flat File In-App Upload Editing

SFTP Gateway

Automatically transfer flat files based on your schedule.

  • Supports on-premise and cloud servers.
  • Syncs hourly with the source server.
  • Multi-agency support via directory or column.
  • Whitelist and restrict access by IP and SSH.
  • SFTP Gateway Odyssey and Legacy Case Management System Compatible
    • Tyler Technologies Odyssey
    • Thomson Reuters C-Track
    • (Virginia) PTCC Case Mgmt & Reporting System
    • (Washington) JIS Case Management Applications for Courts
    • (Texas) TechShare Integrated Criminal Justice Solutions

    Compatible Case Management Systems

    Case management system reports that are known to be compatible with eCourtDate.

    Download a Sample File

    Use a sample file as a starting point for uploading files to eCourtDate.

    Combine multiple data models into one file (ex: clients and events) or separate data models.