Monitor performance trends over time and analyze results across locations and agencies.

Launch Real-Time Data Dashboards

Automatically Receive Summary Reports

Share Interactive Dashboards

Track and Report on Justice Metrics

Integrate with PowerBI and Tableau

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Demo of Automated Analytics

Works with any data

Utilize existing data (or data from various sources) to generate alerts. The system supports large-scale data import and export, and is compatibile with Tableau and PowerBI.

Analyze data across agencies

Compare your metrics with those of agencies of a similar size using consolidated data from counterparts.

Seamless and immediate updates

Updates happen automatically and instantly, eliminating the need for manual refreshes, with data refreshing in real-time or every hour.

Accessible in over 100 languages

Dashboards are user-friendly and support over 100 languages, ensuring users can navigate them easily.

Easily exportable and social media-ready

Export to PDF, raw data CSV, and temporary links. Enable private sharing with authorized users or public dashboards for social media platforms.

Real-time dashboards for physical display

Showcase live data on displays such as TVs and tablets in real-time, without any need for manual updates.

Consolidate data from various sources on a single dashboard.

Incorporate data from external systems in multiple formats.

Create interactive maps with custom overlays and geographic information.

Automatically align data fields to a uniform standard.

Improve data analysis with demographic and population insights from Census information.

Dashboard Uploads Use Case
Payment Reminders Link Use Case

Generate public, private, password-protected dashboards to protect sensitive information.

Enhance accessibility with dashboards available in multiple languages, helping the data to benefit all users.

Implement single-use passwords and domain-restricted access to manage dashboard entry.

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Connect dashboards to eCourtDate to receive immediate updates on judicial cases, clients, payments, and communication statistics.

Empower your team to compare individual metrics alongside consolidated dashboard views.

The system accommodates multiple data formats, including CSV, GIS, and JSON files.

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Payment Plans and Partial Payments Use Case
Payment Reminders Link Use Case

Directly import and export data from your court's Tableau and PowerBI.

Data can be securely exchanged with visualization platforms such as Tableau and PowerBI.

Integrate your Tableau and PowerBI for instant updates, improving data analysis and the visual depiction of your metrics.

Access customizable metrics for messages, events, payments, and cases using powerful filters.

Find and compare specific metrics with ease.

Enhance your ability to identify trends and insights with specific criteria.

Payment Plans and Partial Payments Use Case

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Unlike mass marketing solutions like Twilio, we help justice agencies with a complete communications solution that will help save your staff time and increase access to justice.

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