The Multilingual Communication Platform for Courts

Court date reminders, victim notifications, case alerts, payment notices.

Send and receive multilingual court notifications via texts, emails, and robocalls.

Text and email court date notifications on phones and tablet

Who eCourtDate Serves

  • Municipal, County, District, and Supreme Courts

  • Pretrial, Probation, and Parole

  • Law Enforcement and Corrections

  • Public Defenders and District Attorneys

Aldrich Ames, you have a scheduled Court Date on 03/20/21 at 9am at County Court room 2-A. To opt out of reminders please reply with only: STOP

Thank you, I’ll be there 👍

Welcome to court date reminders. To opt in to receive reminders, reply with YES or click here [PortalLink]. Message and data rates may apply.

Yes please 🙂

You have an unpaid traffic citation issued on 02/13/21. Click [PortalLink] to pay to avoid a bench warrant being issued in your name.

You have an unpaid citation "XYAZ129". Click here to pay now.

How eCourtDate Helps

Decrease Failure to Appear Rates

Text reminders are a cost-effective and proven method to reduce FTA rates by up to 50%.

Reduce Postage Costs and Labor

Replace labor-intensive mailed notifications with automated texts and robocalls.

Increase Payments Revenue

Decrease failure to pay, collect payments faster, and offer online payment options.

Inform Every Party to a Case

Notify defendants, victims, attorneys, jurors, witnesses, officers, and bondsmen with relevant and timely messages.

eCourtDate Use Cases

Illustration of watch reminding person

Court Date Reminders

Decrease failure to appear with an efficient, multi-channel reminder program.

Illustration of staff updating forms

Pretrial and Probation

Increase attendance rates and improve outcomes with timely and effective engagement.

Illustration of form with checked items

Victim Notifications

Uphold victims' right to be informed with automated, multi-lingual victim notifications throughout court proceedings.

Illustration of mobile online payment

Payment Reminders

Increase revenue and decrease late payments with automated reminders for unpaid fines, fees, and citations.

Who eCourtDate Benefits





Probationers & Pretrial