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Court Date Reminders, Victim Notifications, Case Alerts, Payment Notices

Text and email court date notifications on phones and tablet

Decrease Failure to Appear

Text reminders are a cost-effective and proven method to reduce FTA rates by up to 50%.

Automate Manual Tasks

Replace labor-intensive tasks with simplified two-way messaging and automated notifications.

Increase Payments Revenue

Decrease failure to pay and collect payments faster with payment reminders linked to secure payment portals.

Inform Every Party to a Case

Notify defendants, victims, attorneys, jurors, witnesses, and officers with relevant and timely messages.

Who eCourtDate Serves

  • Municipal, County, District, and Supreme Courts

  • Pretrial, Probation, and Parole

  • Law Enforcement and Corrections

  • Public Defenders and Prosecutors

  • Defense Attorneys


Notify defendants about upcoming court cases and obligations.


Send officers reminders of scheduled case dates to testify.


Send court date reminders to experts and other witnesses.


Notify jurors about cancellations and schedule changes.


Ensure Court participants are present and informed.


Notify victims about case and offender notifications.


Send attorneys scheduled reports of assigned cases.


Send appointment reminders, collect payments, and require check-ins.

Solutions for Court Systems

No-Code Messaging and Notifications

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Court Date Reminders

Decrease failure to appear with an efficient, multi-channel reminder program.

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Pretrial and Probation

Increase attendance rates and improve outcomes with timely and effective engagement.

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Juror Notifications

Notify jurors of pertinent information and send automated surveys and jury duty reminders.

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Reporting and Research

Automate reports and conduct research to inform fact-based decision making.

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Victim Notifications

Uphold victims' right to be informed with automated, multilingual victim notifications throughout court proceedings.

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Payment Reminders

Increase revenue and decrease late payments with automated reminders for unpaid fines, fees, and citations.

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Why People Miss Their Court Date

Most failures to appear are due to forgetfulness or circumstances beyond a defendant's control, and not for criminal or evasive intentions.

  • Lack of information about the court date.
  • Unable to take time off work.
  • Court notice mailed to an outdated address.
  • Unable to find dependant care.
  • Due to unforeseeable events.

Consequences of Failure to Appear

Missing a court date has a cascading impact on our communities.

Failure to appear is the primary driver of bench warrants being issued.

Bench warrants cost communities and court systems time and money.

Enforcement of bench warrants adds additional costs and diverts resources.

  • Text messages open rate98%

  • Reminders help reduce FTA by up to50%

  • Including FTA consequences increases appearance by up to 40%

The Bottom Line: Jailing those unable to pay costs communities many times over the cost of helping defendants avoid bench warrants with timely and meaningful communications.

Decrease Failure to Appear

Ensure Every Party to a Case is Informed.

Verify whether phone numbers and email addresses are valid with carrier, line type, caller ID, and email provider data where applicable.

Know when your messages are delivered and opened.

Get automated, regular delivery status and unreachable reports to optimize notification.

Unique and timed links track opens and Case Portal activity.

Reports of total messages sent

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