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Cloud software built for Justice Systems to reach the public at scale.

"Too many times people forget and then they pick up a failure to appear warrant, which means additional court costs, causes their driver's license to be suspended, and they run the risk of facing jail by missing court."

The eCourtDate system will "revolutionize the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and its ability to contact victims with important information, specifically notification of court dates."

Matthew Harvey
Prosecuting Attorney
Jefferson County, WV
Matthew Harvey Prosecuting Attorney on eCourtDate

Use Cases for Court Notification Systems

Court Date Reminders

Reduce failure-to-appear rates in court by reminding defendants about upcoming court dates.

Payment Reminders

Send one-off and recurring payment plan reminders linked to trackable payment portals.

Victim Notifications

Notify victims about associated cases and generate private portals to personalize victim services.

Jury Duty Notifications

Communicate with jurors from enrollment, to voire dire, to reporting notices.

Location Closures

Notify all court date participants and the general public about closures due to weather or other incidents.

Supervision Check-ins

Send randomized supervision check-ins with video, geolocation, and device registration.

How It Works

Full-Service Software as a Solution

No Data Entry

Integrate with your case management system.

Message Templates

Customize templates to your preferences.

Delivery Tracking

Track message delivery status in real-time.


Measurable performance indicator dashboards.

Our Difference

Built from the ground up for local and national justice systems.

Proactive support team

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Go Live in minutes

Cloud and browser based

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Next-generation technology

eCourtDate designed from the ground up for courts

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