Reach Every Defendant

Courts use eCourtDate to remind, inform, and support defendants about upcoming court dates and obligations.


Increase court appearance rates

Reduce jail populations

Make data driven decisions

Better reach underserved populations

Eliminate "when is my court date?" calls

Be responsive to citizen expectations


Multilingual court date reminders and notifications via via SMS and calls.

Case Portals

Web-based and mobile optimized personal case portals.


Visual and interactive high resolution court analytics.

Reach Defendants Like Never Before

Ensure every population group gets equal access to justice.


Nine out of ten homeless people check their cell phone daily.


one out of five defendants rely entirely on their phone for access to information.


Reach diverse communities in their native language.


Court messaging that exceeds ADA requirements.

Rural Residents

Minimize the need for rural residents to physically come to court.

Single Parents

Provide support and resources to single parents.