Communications Platform for the Justice System

We help courts, corrections, and law enforcement communicate with the public.

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We believe the justice system should be more accessible and efficient. eCourtDate helps justice agencies communicate with the public at scale.

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Increase Court Appearance Rates

Remind defendants about in-person and virtual court dates through automated texts, emails, and calls.


Reduce Outstanding Fines and Fees

Send automated payment reminders for outstanding fines and fees with customizable payment portals.

Rapid Juror Communication

Communicate with jurors about upcoming trial dates, schedule changes, and court closures.

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Complete Victim Notification Solution

Notify individual, business, and government victims about upcoming court dates, cases, and offender status.

Compliant with Court Notice Requirements

Our customizable solution is guaranteed to meet your jurisdiction's requirements for defendant and victim notifications.


Turbo Charge Court Clerks and Officers

  • Save staff and agency resources
  • Reduce jail populations
  • Expedite case processing times
  • Enhance access to justice
  • Reduce service calls and waiting

Multilingual Notification Solution for Local and State Court Systems

Court Date Reminders

Increase court appearance rates by reminding defendants about upcoming court dates.

Payment Reminders

Send one-off and recurring payment plan reminders linked to trackable payment portals.

Victim Notifications

Notify victims about associated cases to provide personalized victim services.

Jury Duty Notifications

Quickly notify groups of jurors about upcoming court dates and court procedures.

Location Closures

Notify all court participants about court closures or other last-minute information.

Supervision Check-ins

Randomized supervision check-ins with video, geolocation, and device registration.

The eCourtDate system will "revolutionize the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and its ability to contact victims with important information, specifically notification of court dates."

Matthew Harvey
Prosecuting Attorney
Jefferson County, WV
Matthew Harvey Prosecuting Attorney on eCourtDate