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Notify defendants about court date and other legal event reminders.

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Reduce failure to appear rates, save court staff time, and humanize the defendant experience.

Legal Reminders

Court dates and more.

Use eCourtDate for court dates, probation, pretrial release, and other legal event reminders.

Fully featured

State of the art features.

Designed to modern best practices, enjoy a fully featured court notification platform that's easy to use.

Multi-channel reminders and notifications

  • Send SMS reminders SMS
  • Send Email reminders Email
  • Send Facebook Messenger reminders Facebook
  • Send Voicemail reminders Voicemail

How court date reminders work

How reminders work mobile

1. Add client info

It takes a few seconds to add a new client. Or we'll integrate with your case management system to automate operations. Add as many additional client contacts including family members and case officers.

2. Client opts-in

Clients opt-in by responding Yes or via an instant opt-in link. All client interaction is tracked and available in their profile.

3. Automated reminders sent

Clients receive automated reminders based on the templates you create. Send multiple unique reminders per legal event.

You have a court date tomorrow at 9 AM at Central County Court.