The absence of a user-friendly notification system leads to delayed payments and decreased revenue collection.

Court System Impact

Court staff must follow up on unpaid invoices, diverting their time from other tasks. Late and non-payments affect the court's ability to provide necessary services to the public.

Public Impact

Failing to make a payment because a notification was not received has negative consequences for the public, such as increased fines, the issuance of warrants, and other adverse outcomes.

Platform Overview
Payment Reminders Link Use Case

Send automated one-off and recurring payment reminders for fines, fees, and restitution.

Multilingual reminders increase revenue collections across agencies.

No manual data entry

Integrate your current case management system with eCourtDate over our API, or use bulk uploads to keep your data updated.

Multichannel Notifications

Send immediate or scheduled messages to users with outstanding balances. Reach them via multiple contact methods and channels for the most impact.

Send direct links for online payments

Make it easy for the public to pay their fines, fees, and restitution by sending links and QR codes that direct them to quick online payment options.

Confirm Invoice Receipt

Know when and who has received their invoices. Clients can also respond back to messages with questions.

Reduce In-person Traffic

Allowing people to take care of their court tasks and inquiries online helps keep municipal buildings free to take care of daily business.

Invoice and Collections Reports

Generate reports to know where your agency stands with their funds, outstanding balances, and cash flow.

How It Works

Our platform navigates the complexities of different payment portals and merchants. Our suite of innovative features facilitates a smooth process for administrators and those making their payments.

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Payment Sync with CMS and Payment Portals

Sync Your CMS or Payment Portal

Linking your external content management system or payment portal allows eCourtDate to receive the most up-to-date data from which to provide notifications.

eCourtDate is compatible with all legacy case management systems.

Daily syncs keep the data correct, so only needed messages go out.

eCourtDate is compatible with all major payment processing portals.

Any sync errors can be re-run without creating duplicates.

Payment alerts go out when a payment obligation is created.

Proactive payment alerts keep your clients informed and with all needed tools to make their payment.

The moment a new payment obligation is created, an alert is sent to the associated user.

Clear payment instructions and options are delivered to the user for a streamlined process.

Court Fee Added and Notification Goes Out
Outstanding payment notifications

Let users know when an invoice is paid or past due.

Automate the sending of multilingual text, email, and voice reminders. Include detailed payment instructions for online and in-person payments.

Include in-message links to payment options.

Create one-off and recurring payment reminders.

Send messages in multiple languages.

Include detailed payment instructions.

Generate Visual Payment Reports

Creating visual reports provides crucial insights that lead to the development of more efficient and effective procedures for payment collections. These reports, customizable for any time increment such as daily or weekly, serve as a powerful tool for administrators to make informed decisions over time.

Track invoice totals and payment collection amounts. Know pending payment volumes and keep other team members informed.

Monitor message and payment statistics for a comprehensive view of financial health and efficiency of the payment collection process.

Password Protected Payments Dashboards

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