Send automated payment reminders for online payments of fines, fees, and restitution.

Send Outstanding Payment Reminders

Link to Online Payment Portals

Provide In-person and Offline Payment Options

Track and Report on Payments

Send Payment Receipts and Confirmations

Send Recurring Balance Notifications

Send Personalized Pay Plan Notifications

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Demo of Payment Notifications

One-off and recurring payments

Streamline the payment process with one-off and recurring payment reminders sent by text, email, and phone.

Personalized payment reminders and links

Encourage timely payment with outstanding personalized payment reminders specific to each customer.

Link to payment options

Include in-message links with easy-to-follow instructions on accessing the multilingual payment portal.

Offline payments

Provide offline and in-person payment instructions.

Auto messaging

Send out messages automatically when an invoice is issued, paid, or overdue.

Self-pay convenience fees

Automatically receive successful payments weekly to your agency's payout account with GovPayPlan. Convenience fees are charged directly to the payee.

Make paying fines and fees as easy as possible, with little or no cost to your agency with GovPayPlan.

Easy-to-use admin tools provide clone, test, and run abilities for bulk payments.

Increase access to justice with instructions in the client's preferred language.

Forward payment confirmation messages to related parties for their next actionable steps.

Increase collections with notifications about outstanding fines and fees.

Demo of Government Payment Portal with a Dedicated Link

Notify users when an invoice is issued, paid, updated, or past due.

Flexible action flows allow multiple user notifications at your discretion.

Pretrial and Probation Supervision integration is available for monthly fee collections.

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Why us?

Unlike mass marketing solutions like Twilio, we help justice agencies with a complete communications solution that will help save your staff time and increase access to justice.

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