US Carrier Registration Overview

10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers used to send and receive SMS texts and voice calls require registration with The Campaign Registry. TCR is the new industry standard approved by mobile carriers to delivery, increase security, reduce costs, and minimize spam.

The Campaign Registry was created following passage of the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act.

As of January 2023, all eCourtDate customers must register their campaigns for government usage.

eCourtDate is an approved Campaign Service Provider with The Campaign Registry.

Registration Cost

There is no added cost for eCourtDate customers to register their campaigns.

Registration Requirements

The following information is required to register:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Legal Entity Name
  • Contact Person
  • Physical Address
  • Website

Carrier Limits

Level SMS / Min MMS / Min Daily Limit
Standard 75 50 2000
Dedicated 4,500 2,400 UNCAPPED

Registration Fees

All registered campaigns must be by verifiable government entities.

Registration and Vetting $250 one-time

Standard Campaign $120 yearly

Dedicated Campaign $250 yearly

At least one registered campaign is required per customer.

Multiple campaigns can be registered for customers with high volume and/or time sensitive messaging requirements.

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Supported Gateways

Twilio, Bandwidth, Telnyx, Amazon Web Services.

Supported Carriers