Enable Officers, Caseworkers, and Health Providers to Communicate Effectively With Clients While Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

Automatically remove Protected health information (PHI) from outgoing messages.

Backend API automatically anonymizes PHI data.

Restrict PHI data access based on user role.

Require multifactor verification when unlocking PHI data in-app.

Generate exportable access logs of all user activity.

Send integrated consent, intake, and enrollment forms.

Log users off after being inactive.

Send and receive secure and trackable documents via the integrated Portal.

Encrypted end-to-end and hosted in US GovCloud.

Email questions about HIPAA compliance to info@ecourtdate.com

You have a mental health evaluation scheduled on 05/10/22 09:00 AM. Responde en espaƱol. View Directions.

Mental Health Clinic - when event is initially scheduled

You have a drug test at the Health Clinic in one hour. Please bring any authorized medical prescriptions for review. Failure to comply will result in arrest.

Community Health Services - one hour prior to random drug test

Your weekly behavioral treatment session is currently being held at Juvenile Center due to the pandemic. Remember to wear a mask.

Youth Treatment Center - weekly recurring message