Security for a High Risk Climate

Hardened and Built-in Security Tools

Encrypted, restricted, and monitored workloads

Deploy in your data center or in the CJIS-compliant AWS GovCloud cloud hosting.

End-to-end AES-256 data encryption, including at rest.

Isolated and unique databases without public access.

Automated and enforced security rules and tools for pro users.

Scheduled data archival and deletion settings.

Segment rules based on personally-identifiable and public data.

Approve support access only on demand with anonymized fields.

Ability to export access and debug logs to raw and flat file formats.

AWS GovCloud (US)

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Protect users with your own identity provider.

eCourtDate integrates with leading SSO providers.

Microsoft Azure login logo GSuite login logo

Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect users from phishing with enforced by default MFA.

Authy multi-factor authenticator icon

Authy Authenticator

Google mutlti-factor authenticator icon

Google Authenticator

Microsoft multi-factor authenticator icon

Microsoft Authenticator

Security Focused Features

Automated and user-friendly tools for the modern security climate.

Government-grade Encryption

HTTPS enforced everywhere and AES 256-bit encryption at rest.

User Audit Logs

Track all user changes with searchable and exportable audit logs.

Role-based Access Control

Define each role and user permission at a granular level.

Firewall Perimeter

Block access to your account from any unauthorized IPs or locations.

API Key Management

Create and manage your own API keys.

Disaster Recovery

Automated rollover and data backups ensure 99.95% uptime.