Multilingual Juror Notification System


Send mass juror notifications and last-minute changes with a series of text, email, and voice reminders.

The Court System

Simplify jury procedures and remove the burden of jury operations from court employees.

Platform Overview
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Modernize and transform jury duty communications.

Find everything from juror data collection to flexible juror payment options, all in one place.

Provide online juror enrollment and questionnaires.

Offer flexible juror payment options.

Personalize messages with important case information.

Increase juror appearance rates.

Enable two-way messaging to easily resolve juror questions.

Create accessible juror web portals.

Ensure jurors are informed throughout their experience with your court.

Enable your team to track message delivery and open status.

Send immediate or scheduled bulk and one-off messages to juror groups.

Generate juror attendance and financial payout reports.

Trigger automated notifications about last-minute changes due to bad weather, trial cancellation, and rescheduling.

Provide easy juror payment options, including ACH and gift cards.

Allow easy online document upload.

Platform Overview

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