How do touchless check ins benefit the courts?

Cloud-based lobby management solutions allow you to securely welcome visitors and get them pointed in the right direction.

Know who is/has been in your buildings and maintain control over facility access. Notify staff when clients are waiting to be seen.

Platform Overview

Increase efficiency with automated visitor check-in.

Ensure all visitors, staff, and contractors are properly registered and directed to the right place.

Provide a sleek, multilingual check-in experience.

Gather client information through check in portals.

Notify hosts of guests' arrival.

Reduce operational costs and staff workload.

Feed data directly to your case management system.

Allow visitors to pay fines and fees through the system.

Provide two-way communication with AI-powered and live-person chat.

Allow visitors to pre-register online.

Provide delivery management.

Include active directories and facilities maps.

Produce detailed, cloud-based visitor logs and reports.

Watchlist features for enhanced security.

An Evacuation list is provided in case of emergencies.

Platform Overview

How It Works

Create portals that allow clients to check in for in-person and virtual events with geolocation tracking and automated lobby management.

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Create a Check In Portal

Generate a portal with your court's branding and verbiage for a unified check in process.

Include location options, custom navigation sidebars, and maximum distance from court to check in.

Customize fields to capture any needed information in the portal's enroll form.

Create Check In Portal
Virtual Check In

Enable Virtual Check Ins

Create virtual events that link directly to your meeting platform, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and more.

Manage appointment lists with comprehensive audit trails for enhanced tracking and accountability.

Once the client checks in, they are directed to the correct meeting link and platform.

In person events

Allow clients to check in to appointments at physical locations and receive estimated wait times.

Enable geolocation to allow check ins only from clients within a certain distance of the physical location.

Automate the check-in queue to update each client's status once the previous client has been seen or checked out.

Check in for In Person Events
Use Automessages to Notify Clients and Staff

Send the Portal Link or QR Code for Direct Check In

Distribute access to the portal by generating a link or QR code directly through the system.

Links and QR codes direct the client to the correct check in page.

Clients can scan mailed or in-person QR codes to check in for appointments.

Notify Clients and Staff with Automessages

Determine which automessages will be triggered when a check is created or updated.

Alert staff that someone is waiting to be attended.

Confirm with clients that their check in was successful.

Bulk Notifications of Court Closures
Text notifications for online forms with eSignature

Integrate with Third Party Kiosk Services




Geolocation Tracking

Geolocation tracking provides real-time location verification, enhancing compliance monitoring, and supporting detailed record-keeping.

Block check ins where the client is more than a certain distance from the court.

Require geotracking for check ins to view client location data.

Auto forwarding for inbound and outbound messages
Defendant Portal Check In

Manage and Export Check Ins




Run Check In Reports for Data Insights



Customize visual reports for messaging efficiency insights. Keep your finger on the pulse of your agency's interactions.

Upload defendant list

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