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What is lobby management?

Cloud-based lobby management solutions allow you to securely welcome visitors and get them pointed in the right direction.

No one wants to spend more time than necessary in a lobby. Efficiently direct guest movements while maintaining control over facility access.

Platform Overview

Free up staff time with automated visitor check-in.

Ensure all visitors, staff, and contractors are properly registered and directed to the right place.

Provide a sleek, multilingual check-in experience.

Gather guest information

Notify hosts of guests' arrival.

Reduce operational costs and staff workload.

Feed data directly to your case management system.

Allow visitors to pay fines and fees through the system.

Provide two-way communication with AI-powered and live-person chat.

Allow visitors to pre-register online.

Provide delivery management.

Include active directories and facilities maps.

Produce detailed, cloud-based visitor logs and reports.

Watchlist features for enhanced security.

An Evacuation list is provided in case of emergencies.

Platform Overview

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