Support for Low-Code and No-Code Development Platforms

Extend in-house applications with eCourtDate's API and webhooks.

Our API and webhooks allow you to integrate eCourtDate with your preferred low-code or no-code development platform. Enhance your applications with powerful features like scheduling, client management, and communications.

Each application can be tied to a specific agency or configured to work with multiple agencies. Our API and webhooks are designed to be easy to use and secure so you can focus on building great applications.

  • Send and receive texts, emails, and calls in your applications.
  • Schedule and manage events and cases programmatically.
  • Create and manage clients and payments with ease.
  • Retrieve location, judge, and courtroom information.
Low Code and No Code Support

Easy Integration

Integrate our powerful API with your preferred no-code or low-code solution to enhance your workflows.

Retrieve Data

Use our API to access data programmatically, including events, cases, and client information.

Create Clients

Easily add new clients to eCourtDate with our simple and secure API calls.

Manage Events and Cases

Schedule, track, and manage events and cases with ease using our API.

Manage Payments

Handle payments securely and efficiently with our robust API integration.


Send texts, emails, calls, and push notifications effortlessly through our API.

Custom Workflows

Create custom workflows and automations to streamline your processes.

Compatible Unified Development Platforms

eCourtDate seamlessly integrates with any unified development platform that supports JSON HTTP APIs or HTTP-based webhooks.

Microsoft Power Apps

Build custom apps for your business with Microsoft Power Apps and eCourtDate.

Salesforce Lightning

Enhance your Salesforce experience with eCourtDate's powerful API integration.


Automate your workflows and streamline your processes with eCourtDate and ServiceNow.

Volt MX

Create custom applications and workflows with Volt MX and eCourtDate.


Build powerful business applications with Appian and eCourtDate's API integration.


Develop and deploy custom applications with Mendix and eCourtDate's API integration.


Create and deploy custom applications with OutSystems and eCourtDate's API integration.


Build custom applications with AppSheet and eCourtDate's API integration.


Create custom workflows and automations with Airtable and eCourtDate's API integration.

Custom Integrations

Integrate with eCourtDate directly using our API, SFTP, Webhooks, and OAuth options.

Security Tools including Cloudflare, AWS, AWS GovCloud, Azure, and StateRAMP