Multilingual Messaging

Multilingual Messaging

Send and receive multilingual texts, emails and calls manually, in bulk, and automatically. Use our flexible messaging platform to communicate with your clients.

  • Send Texts, Emails, Calls, and Push Notifications
  • Communicate in Over 100 Languages
  • Manual, Bulk, and Automated Messaging
  • Track and Report Message Delivery
  • Respond to Inbound Messages in Real-Time
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Payment Notifications

Payment Notifications

Send payment notifications for outstanding and received payments. Automate recurring notifications, balance notification, transaction history, and payment receipts.

  • Send Outstanding Payment Reminders
  • Link to Online Payment Portals
  • Provide In-person and Offline Payment Options
  • Track and Report on Payments
  • Send Payment Receipts and Confirmations
  • Send Recurring Balance Notifications
  • Send Personalized Pay Plan Notifications
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Self-Service Web Portals

Self-Service Web Portals

Launch accessible and multilingual web portals for all case party types. Allow users to self-serve information and contact preferences. Share information about locations and staff.

  • Accessible and Multilingual Portals
  • Allow Self-Service Enrollment via Link and QR Code
  • Allow Clients to Update Contact Information
  • Share Event Information and Scheduling
  • Link to Interactive Forms and Multimedia Files
  • Include Location and Staff Information
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Files and Forms

Files and Forms

Go paperless with digital files and forms. Send and receive forms, files, and media with clients and staff. Auto populate based on case data. Create public and private resource libraries.

  • Create Public and Private Libraries
  • Auto-Populate Forms with Case Data
  • Send and Receive Forms and Files
  • Link to Multimedia and Interactive Forms
  • Track and Report on Form Submissions
  • Send Reminders for Incomplete Forms
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Scheduling and Calendars

Scheduling and Calendars

Automate scheduling for clients and staff. Allow self-scheduling hybrid events through dynamic calendars. Randomly select and schedule events. Auto import events from calendars.

  • Automate Scheduling for Clients and Staff
  • Allow Self-Scheduling of Events
  • Randomly Select and Schedule Events
  • Auto Import Events from Calendars
  • Track and Report on Event Attendance
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Automated Analytics

Automated Analytics

Launch real-time data dashboards and reports to track justice metrics. Improve end-user outcomes and support evidence-based decision making with visual and interactive analytics.

  • Launch Real-Time Data Dashboards
  • Automatically Receive Summary Reports
  • Share Interactive Dashboards
  • Track and Report on Justice Metrics
  • Integrate with PowerBI and Tableau
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About the eCourtDate Platform


Our entire platform is ADA compliant and WCAG 2.0 AA accessible. Over 100 languages are supported.


Hardened security measures include encryption, firewalls, and GovCloud data centers.


Easy-to-use interface with built-in automation and data access controls. Training is quick and easy.


Automatically transfer flat file extracts from an external case management system.


Compliant with federal, state, and telecommunications regulations, including TCPA.


Always available and ready to grow with your agency. Reliable and fast cloud infrastructure.

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