Maintaining timely updates for victims within fragmented systems and databases presents challenges.

Individual Victims

Providing individual victims with timely and precise information across multiple platforms and lists is complicated.

Corporate Victims

Facilitating the delivery of notifications to the appropriate party for corporate victims demands significant resources.

LEA Victims

Ensuring notifications reach law enforcement victims accurately and promptly while navigating department complexities requires diligence.

Platform Overview

Keep victims informed by text, call, email, and chat.

Provide victims a confidential, secure portal to review case documents, fill out and sign forms, and access resources, all while supported with timely links and notifications throughout their journey.

Secure Victim Portals

Accessible portals allow victims to view case information at their user permissions level and can be password protected.

Privacy Mode

For agencies with sensitive information, like victims or juvenile services, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) fields are masked.

Multiple Victim Types

Create different flows and user types based on victim type, including individual victims, family members, corporate or community groups, law enforcement, and government entities.

Include contact methods for family members

Add family members as victims' contacts, including the ability for family members to view certain information and documents through the case portal.

Multilingual and Multichannel

Increase access to justice by providing all notifications and communication in the user’s language and to their contact method of choice.

Online Forms and Documents

Create and distribute online forms with our easy-to-use built-in form builder. Store and search documents in the document library.

How It Works

Notify individual, business, and law enforcement agency victims throughout every stage of every case.

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Upload and validate victims, family members, and advocates lists.

Maintain up-to-date lists with bulk uploads, automated external management system uploads, or directly through our API.

Once upload starts, contact validation begins.

Victims and associated parties can self-enroll through the web portal.

Upload victims list and validate contacts
Victims Services Notifications

Create an Event Flow and Assign Clients

Set up workflows that automatically send out the right notifications at every step of the case.

Trigger notifications immediately or schedule them for any time interval.

Use customizable templates to dictate which message is sent and when.

Automatically Notify Victims of all Updates, Including Custody Changes

Victims and their advocates receive all necessary information when the offender is transferred to a different corrections facility.

Notifications are sent when the offender is released from custody or escapes, and upon dates set for bail or review hearings.

Offenders' filing, disposition, and other significate appellate process activies trigger alerts as well.

Victims Services Dashboard with Example Message
Victim Statement with eSignature

Send files, links, and forms (with eSignature)

Create and distribute needed files and forms directly to victims and related parties for eSignature. Generate and include QR codes for hearings and virtual events.

Customize online forms with our easy-to-use form builder. Response management is easy.

Include links and QR codes for information on events, check-in options, documents, and more directly through the portal.

Keep Court Communication a Safe Space

Any abusive or use of specific keywords trigger a notification to a supervisor.

Keep a custom list of keywords for your agency, add or delete phrases and emojis as needed.

Set a series of actions to take place if any keywords are messaged in or out of the system.

Flagged keywords and actions

Visual Reports and Data Dashboards

Utilize AI to analyze historical data, with human adjustments, to gain efficiency insights and identify practical strategies for operational enhancement.

Tailor visual reports for victims messaging insights. Stay informed about your agency's communication trends.

Use your data to refine service accessibility and elevate the quality of support provided to the public, particularly among victims services users.

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