Automated Victim Notifications


Personalize notifications based on victim's language.

Notify Via Text and Email

Victims receive simple to understand text and email notifications with all details about their case and defendant's status.

Status Triggers

Trigger a victim notification based on defendant event and appearance status updates.

Illustration of person receiving notification on mobile phone notification pop-up

Victims of crime should:

Be notified at every step of the judicial process.

Be guaranteed privacy from the accused and their attorneys.

Be notified before a criminal is released or pardoned.

NOT be blindsided by developments in their case.

Inform Victims of Court Cases

Notify victims with automated case and offender updates.

Marsy's law is named after Marsy Nicholas who was murdered in 1983 by her ex-boyfriend. Shortly after her murder, her family was confronted and harassed by Marsy's accused murderer, who was released on bail. He continued harassing them throughout the judicial proceedings until he was found guilty and sentenced behind bars.

No victim of crime should live their life fearful and frightened due to a lack of information about their case proceedings.

Hello, this is a Marsy’s Law reminder. On 11/23/20 a hearing will take place at Demo Justice Court at 9:30 am. Please arrive 15 minutes prior. Please reply C to confirm your appearance. Learn more.

Hola, este es un recordatorio de la Ley de Marsy. El 11/23/20 se llevará a cabo una audiencia en el Tribunal de Justicia Demo a las 9:30 am. Por favor llegue 15 minutos antes. Por favor, responda C para confirmar su aparición. Aprende más

Notify Victims Throughout Every Step of a Court Case

Victim notification trigger and message

Inform victims with short, simple, and informative text messages.

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