Court Reminders Use Case

Missed court appearances are costly for courts, law enforcement, defendants, and the public.


People often miss court for avoidable reasons. Reminders ensure that defendants have all relevant information easily accessible.

The Court System

Failure to Appear carries a massive cost for the justice system. Court date reminders are proven to reduce the FTA rate by up to 27%.

Calculate FTA Impact

Avoid filling jails with people who simply missed a court date.

Send a series of scheduled reminders via text, email, and voice with the ability to track message delivery and open status. Trigger automated notifications about last-minute changes. Personalize messages with important case information.

Increase court appearance rates

Reduce staff and others' workload

Prevent unnecessary incarceration

Drastically reduce mail costs

Know who is unreachable

Increase access to justice

Notify defendants with timely messages about their upcoming court dates.

View and select from our sample message templates.

Send a series of timely and personalized messages for upcoming court hearings.

Instantly trigger reschedules, cancellations, and failure-to-appear messages.

Require check-ins from scheduled defendants through SMS.

Provide relevant attorney, case, and bond information.

Generate quick links for in-person hearings and virtual events.

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