Ensure case participants show up to court whether in-person or virtually.

Automatically notify case parties about upcoming court cases.


Send a series of timely notifications to defendants about upcoming court dates and case obligations.


Allow plaintiffs to subscribe to case notifications, including case status updates and reschedules.

Attorneys and Agents

Notify attorneys, bonding agents, and other firms with daily and weekly summaries.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Notify law enforcement agencies, including assigned officers, about upcoming court cases.

Calculate Unseen FTA Impact

A Secure Solution for Modern Courts and Pretrial Agencies

Avoid filling jails with people who simply missed a court date. eCourtDate is proven to lower failure to appear rates while saving the court money and increasing access to justice.

Criminal Courts

Send notifications and reminders to defendants, plaintiffs, attorneys, prosecutors, and law enforcement agents.

Civil Courts

Remind all parties, attorneys, witnesses, and law enforcement officers of court dates and relevant updates.

Family Courts

Keep families, petitioners, attorneys, judges, and staff informed of case changes, instructions, and important dates.

Message Delivery Status Tracking

Know when and where messages have been opened.

Multilingual Support

Automatically translate messages into the recipient's chosen language, with over 100 languages supported.


Cover all bases by ensuring needed parties are reached across all available channels and platforms.

Ad-Hoc and Fully Configurable

Create a personalized one-off system for all your court's communication needs.

Generate Custom Reports

Create visual reports to track message open rates, delivery failures, FTA rate changes, and more over time.

Increase Access to Justice

Provide a transparent, accessible, user-friendly way for the public to receive their notifications.

How It Works

Trigger automated messages that go out to defendants at pre-set intervals. Our system is flexible and customizable for your exact use case.

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Upload and validate your contact list.

Lists are kept updated with bulk uploads, automated uploads from external case management systems, or through direct API integration.

Contact validation begins immediately after upload. The system flags any discrepancies for review.

Clients can also self-enroll through the web portal and are immediately added to the master list.

Upload defendant list and validate contacts
Court Date Automessages Example

Create an Event Flow with Automessages

Determine what will happen when an event is created and set actions as time goes on.

Send out notifications immediately or at time increments related to the event (the week before, the day of).

Determine what messages will be sent out and when. Automate notifications and instructions based on flexible conditions.

Assign Clients to Events or Groups

Link clients with their court dates, cases, and groups.

Assign clients to groups to ensure each person receives targeted notifications based on that group's specific criteria.

Link clients to their events, allowing them to receive all event updates and relevant communication.

Link Events and Groups
Reschedule Event Flow

Auto-notify upon Updates and Changes

Keep clients updated by notifying defendants, attorneys, prosecutors, and needed admin staff of any changes, rescheduling, or cancellations.

Ensure all stakeholders receive immediate notifications regarding any updates to the case or last-minute changes.

Automate failure to appear notifications and alert needed parties in the event of an FTA.

Send out Bulk Messages to Groups

Keep clients informed with notifications about court closures, security incidents, and relevant rescheduling.

Instantly communicate at scale by triggering bulk messages using customizable, pre-loaded templates.

Allow clients to reschedule based on court availability with a link sent directly to their phone.

Bulk Notifications of Court Closures
Text notifications for online forms with eSignature

Distribute files, links, and forms

Send needed files and forms directly to clients for eSignature. Generate and include QR codes for hearings and virtual events.

Create and distribute online forms with our easy-to-use form builder, with simple response management.

Include links for information on in-person and virtual events and provide quick check-in options.

Auto-forwarding of messages and reminders

Court or probation officers may set auto-replies to emails and set up auto-forwarding which sends a copy of all incoming messages to that user's preferred contact method.

Ensure all messages receive timely attention by directing them to the appropriate individual for a first-time resolution.

Implement a chain-of-command flow that automatically notifies team members if a message remains unanswered past a specified timeframe.

Auto forwarding for inbound and outbound messages
Defendant Portal Check In

Require Defendant Check-ins through SMS

Streamlining legal compliance and communication

Our innovative SMS-based check-in system offers a seamless and efficient method for defendants to meet their check-in requirements, enhancing both compliance and convenience.

Ensure defendants remain engaged and informed throughout their case proceedings. Generate and distribute QR codes that direct defendants with easily accessible instructions.

Run Reports and Generate Data Insights

Leverage historical data through AI analysis with human tweaks to discover insights for enhancing efficiency and actionable strategies to improve operations.

Customize visual reports for messaging efficiency insights. Keep your finger on the pulse of your agency's interactions.

Are more messages read in the afternoon? Learn from your data to provide better and more accessible services to the public.

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