Weather Closure Emergency Alerts Use Case for Mass Notifications System

Emergency notification system for courts and law enforcement

Use eCourtDate's communications software to send texts and emails to select groups during emergencies.

Severe Weather

Notify scheduled visitors about upcoming closures due to severe weather.

Security Incidents

Inform checked-in visitors and staff about ongoing security incidents.

Platform Overview

Inform who needs to know with mass text and email messages.

Emergencies can happen at any time. Keeping people informed in real-time is crucial to public safety.

Improve community safety

Broadcast messages across channels and languages

Geo-target recipients by address

Reduce employee workload

Facilitate two-way communication

Quick re-send from saved templates

Quickly notify scheduled visitors, the public, and staff about fast-changing emergencies.

Know when messages have been delivered and opened.

Send updates with ongoing information.

Personalize messages with pertinent information.

Send alerts to multiple contact methods with one click.

Request responses for confirmed reporting.

Auto-respond with custom updates for ongoing situations.

Platform Overview

Cloud Software Platform
for Courts and Law Enforcement

Our software solutions are accessible, flexible and intuitive. Explore our powerful features with multilingual messaging, accessible web portals, and predictive analytics.

Security Tools including Cloudflare, AWS, AWS GovCloud, Azure, and StateRAMP