Planning Phase

Define your scope, goals, and use cases

Define your goals and use cases

What are your goals? What are your use cases? Who are your external clients? Who are your internal users?

Create a project plan

What are your milestones? What are your dependencies? What are your risks?

Identify your stakeholders

Who are your internal stakeholders? Who are your external stakeholders? Who are your partners?

Create a timeline

What are your key dates? What are your go-live dates? What are your training dates?

Implementation Phase

Configure eCourtDate for each agency

Decide what is an eCourtDate agency

Each agency is an isolated account with unlimited users, locations, and organizations.

Configure eCourtDate settings using our in-app checklist

Copy settings from a primary agency, import sample templates, or manually configure.

Integrate eCourtDate with your existing systems

Automatically upload flat files, integrate with our API, or use one of our partner integrations.

Set up a custom domain and branding

Use your own domain, logo, and colors to make eCourtDate your own.

Choose whether to allow clients to self-register

Allow clients to self-register, manage their own preferences, and schedule their own appointments.

Set up your internal users

Assign roles and permissions to your internal users, including administrators, managers, analysts, and staff.

Create message templates

Use our in-app editor to create custom message templates for each type of notification.

Training and Testing Phase

Support your agency's staff and users

Train your staff and users

Use our in-app training videos, webinars, and documentation to train your staff and users.

Test eCourtDate in a sandbox (staging) environment

Use our advanced simulated mode to test eCourtDate using your data.

Set up automated alerts

Set up automated alerts to notify designated staff of system issues

Separate alerts for automations, configurations, and billing ensure that the right people are notified at the right time.

Go Live

Launch eCourtDate in Live Mode

Launch eCourtDate in Live Mode

Go live with eCourtDate and start sending and receiving messages with your clients.

Monitor system and messaging performance

Use our real-time data dashboards and reports to monitor system and messaging performance.

Collect feedback from internal users and external clients

Send surveys to collect anonymous feedback about the eCourtDate experience.

Continually improve eCourtDate based on feedback

Use our in-app ticketing to continually improve eCourtDate on an ongoing basis.

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Get started with a free 30-day eCourtDate trial. No credit card or obligation is required.

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