Your new agency gets:

Activate or transfer a virtual phone number.

Includes 10K free message credits.

The referring agency gets:

When trial is activated: 1K Message Credits

When plan is activated: 10K Message Credits

Enter a referral code to get 10k free message credits with any subscription

Are you an existing customer? Get your referral code here.

Referrals Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the referrals program work?
Share your unique referral code with someone in your network who could benefit from eCourtDate's tools. They sign up using your code and are able to activate a virtual phone number and 10K message credits upon subscribing. You get 1K message credits when they start their trial and an additional 10K credits once they activate their plan.
How do I know if my referral has signed up?
You will receive a notification when a referral signs up and 1K messages will show as a credit. Once they activate their account, the 10K bonus message credits will be reflected.
How do I find my referral code?
You can find your unique referral code at the following link (please make sure you are logged in to the eCourtDate app): Referral Code Link

We are serious about security.

  • Hosted in CJIS-compliant GovCloud™
  • Firewall and DDoS Protection
  • Government-Grade Encryption
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • API Key Management
  • Disaster Recovery
Security Tools including Cloudflare, AWS, AWS GovCloud, Azure, and StateRAMP