Telephone Relay Service for Government Agencies

Configure TRS (Telephone Relay Service) for your organization to enable users with hearing or speech disabilities to communicate with others through a third-party operator. TRS allows users to make calls to standard telephone users and receive calls from them using text telephones (TTYs) or other assistive devices.

How Telephone Relay Service Works

TRS is a communication service that allows individuals with hearing or speech disabilities to communicate with others using a third-party operator. The operator relays the conversation between the TRS user and the standard telephone user, converting spoken language to text and vice versa.

TRS can be accessed through various methods, including:

  • TTY (Text Telephone)
  • Video Relay Service (VRS)
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Relay
  • Speech-to-Speech Relay Service
  • And other assistive technologies

Manage Telephone Relay Service Providers

Create multiple TRS providers based on each available service, such as TTY, VRS, IP Relay, and Speech-to-Speech Relay. Assign specific providers to clients based on their preferences and requirements, allowing them to choose the most suitable TRS method for their communication needs.

When a client with a TRS preference calls, the system automatically routes the call to the assigned TRS provider, ensuring seamless communication between the client and the operator. Monitor and manage TRS calls in real-time to track usage, resolve issues, and optimize service delivery for clients.

Clients may choose a TRS provider when registering for the service or update their preferences through the web portal.

Benefits of Telephone Relay Service

TRS offers several benefits to organizations and users, including:

  • Improved communication for individuals with hearing or speech disabilities
  • Equal access to telephone services and emergency assistance
  • Enhanced customer service and support for users with disabilities
  • Compliance with accessibility requirements and regulations

Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text Conversion

eCourtDate supports built-in text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion without the need for a TRS provider. Users can communicate with the system using voice commands or text input, enabling seamless interaction with the platform's features and functionalities.