All plans include 1,000 free bonus message credits.
Bonus credits expire after three months.
Basic $1,200 / year

Use eCourtDate as a single agency in a local government entity for limited use cases.

This plan includes:
Standard $3,600 / year

Use eCourtDate for multiple use cases or user groups with multi-agency support.

Includes everything in the Basic Plan, plus access to Multi-Agency:

  • Create separate agencies for different use cases and user groups.
  • Unlimited users for each agency.
  • Each agency requires one local area code phone number to be activated (first three included).
Advanced $7,200 / year

Use eCourtDate with access to advanced Console Tools for data automation.

Includes everything in the Standard Plan, plus access to Console Tools:

  • Single Sign On
  • SFTP Gateway
  • REST API Clients
  • Custom Domains
  • Real-Time Webhooks
  • Technical Support

Message Credits

Send and receive multilingual texts, emails, and calls.

Real-time message delivery tracking.

We don't deduct failed messages (such as undeliverables) from credits.

All carrier registration and network access fees are included.

For each Outbound SMS Message:

  • One credit for the first 320 characters.
  • Additional credit per 160 characters.
  • Additional credit for attached files.
  • For each Inbound SMS Message:

  • One credit per inbound message.
  • Additional credit for attached media (MMS).
  • For each Outbound Voice Call:

  • One credit per minute.
  • For each Inbound Voice Call:

  • One credit per inbound call.
  • Email Outbound and Inbound:

  • Unlimited for all subscription plans.

  • For international texts and calls (outside of the USA and Canada), we only charge the carrier rate in addition to message credits. International messages can be disabled.

    Pay-as-you-go Pricing

    $0.15 per credit

    You are billed monthly based on the previous month's usage.

    Prepaid Pricing

    Save by purchasing prepaid credits in bulk.

    Automatically roll over unused prepaid credits at no cost with your annual renewal.

    Refill credits at any time during your plan service period.

    • 10K credits for $0.10 each $1,000
    • 50K credits for $0.08 each $4,000
    • 100K credits for $0.06 each $6,000
    • 250K credits for $0.04 each $10,000

    Agency Phone Numbers

    Dedicated phone numbers to send and receive texts and calls through eCourtDate.

    Supports two-way messaging.

    Able to be ported in or out.

    Dedicated to your agency.

    Local Area Code Phone Numbers

    Phone numbers with your preferred USA area code.

    $20 / month

    $200 / year

    Toll-Free Phone Numbers

    Toll-free phone numbers ideal for inbound voice response lines.

    $30 / month

    $300 / year

    Proactive Support

    Our support team is on standby to help achieve your goals.

    See Service Plan

    24/7 Chat and Email Support

    Get support fast through our chat or ticketed email inbox.

    Free Virtual Trainings

    Schedule unlimited staff virtual training sessions.

    Guaranteed Uptime

    Guaranteed 99.95% uptime with a reliable service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We partner with local, regional, and national government entities in the justice system, such as courts, pretrial, probation, corrections, law enforcement, and IT agencies.
    A subscription plan includes access to the core eCourtDate platform, ongoing feature updates, and a 24/7 help desk. Add-ons, such as message credits for texting, are pay-as-you-go, with discounts available based on volume. Add-on credits roll over automatically with a plan renewal.
    We accept all major credit cards, checks, and ACH.
    Yes, we do. Please email for assistance.
    All eCourtDate plans require a minimum one-year subscription. Add-ons can be purchased as needed or monthly.
    We issue the first invoice after the 30-day trial expires, which includes the plan subscription and any activated add-ons. Invoices are due within 30 days.
    We do not offer refunds. Canceled plans have a one-month grace period to use any unused add-on credits.