Who benefits from payment reminder notifications?


Notify clients about owed fines and fees. Provide a simple online payment portal with competitive processing rates.

The Justice System

Courts, law enforcement, and prosecutors all win with increased payment collection without manual data entry.

Platform Overview
Payment Reminders Link Use Case

Streamline your payment procedures.

Automatically send outstanding payment reminders until paid with the ability to track message delivery and open status.

Increase payment collections

Accept online payments

Instructions in the client's preferred language

No manual data entry

Confirm invoice receipt

Reduce in-person traffic

Let users know when an invoice is issued, paid, or past due.

Automate personalized text and email reminders.

Competitive self-pay convenience fees are charged directly to the payee.

Include in-message links to payment options.

Flexible payment options, including payment plans.

Automatically get weekly payouts for successful transactions.

Create one-off and recurring payments.

Platform Overview

Cloud Software Platform
for Courts and Law Enforcement

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Security Tools including Cloudflare, AWS, AWS GovCloud, Azure, and StateRAMP