Allow staff and clients to self-schedule events based on judge and location availability.

Automate Scheduling for Clients and Staff

Allow Self-Scheduling of Events

Randomly Select and Schedule Events

Auto Import Events from Calendars

Track and Report on Event Attendance

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Compatible with any app and device

Works with your preexisting apps across multiple data sources to create notifications.

No need for endless back-and-forths

Make client interaction easier to take advantage of staff's valuable time.

Real-time updates without hitting refresh

Multiple parties can work on the same calendar set simultaneously without duplicating work.

Multiple user versions

Each user type accesses only their interface, permissions, and features within the app.

Sharable and exportable

Export as PDF, raw data CSV, and temporary links to authorized users.

Embed calendars to share across social media.

Display real-time calendars on physical screens and keep websites updated with any new changes.

Manage schedules and calendars from any device.

Enable streamlined scheduling with the ability to select your own appointment time.

Our government-compliant security standards assure the security of personal information.

Encourage users to attend appointments with timely follow-up reminders.

Make scheduling and court visits less time-consuming, adding more time to focus on the case.

With a user-friendly interface, your event scheduling is simple and straightforward, regardless of tech knowledge.

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Defeat out-of-date calendar issues using real-time updates without having to hit refresh.

As soon as a calendar is printed, it is out-of-date. Allow for increased collaboration where everyone is working on the same set of master files.

Securely share calendar updates as they happen.

Take advantage of flexible scheduling options for the modern court.

Randomly schedule substance testing events based on customizable intervals. Create call-in numbers and web portals so clients view all details in one place. Send notifications to users with randomly assigned events and judges.

Integrate with Outlook, Google, and Apple Calendars.

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Why us?

Unlike mass marketing solutions like Twilio, we help justice agencies with a complete communications solution that will help save your staff time and increase access to justice.

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