Increase accessibility for all court users with branded, customizable self-service portals.

Accessible and Multilingual Portals

Allow Self-Service Enrollment via Link and QR Code

Allow Clients to Update Contact Information

Share Event Information and Scheduling

Link to Interactive Forms and Multimedia Files

Include Location and Staff Information

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Demo of Self-Service Web Portals

Check-in and waitlist solutions

Provide customers with efficient kiosks for expedited self-service.

Device responsive

Portals work on every device and browser, including older models.

Accessible design

Portals are compliant with WCAG, ADA, and Section 508 accessibility standards.

No downloads required

Works on slow and intermittent internet. With DDoS protection, portals stay up even if the system is down.

Verification methods

Use Captcha, one-time passwords, face comparison, and online identity verification.

Custom domain support

Run portals directly on your organization's domain, including dedicated SSL certificates.

Forms and Files Library Link Use Case

Launch multilingual self-help web portals with easy-to-upload files and forms libraries.

Flexible action flows allow multiple user notifications at your discretion.

The system can be integrated with Pretrial and Probation Supervision for the collection of monthly fees.

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Allow clients to make appointments on their schedule.

Reduced direct communication back and forth frees up staff time.

Provide a selection of approved dates for booking directly from any device.

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Payment Plans and Partial Payments Use Case

Why us?

Unlike mass marketing solutions like Twilio, we help justice agencies with a complete communications solution that will help save your staff time and increase access to justice.

Security Tools including Cloudflare, AWS, AWS GovCloud, Azure, and StateRAMP