Victim Notifications Solution

With eCourtDate, prosecutors can notify individual, juvenile, business, and public agency victims throughout every stage of a case.

  • When the offender is released from custody or escapes
  • If the offender is transferred to a different corrections facility
  • Court dates and what happens at court
  • Offender’s filing, disposition and other significant appellate process activity
  • Bail hearings and review hearings
  • Parole hearings and revocation/modification hearings
  • Hearings on the defendant’s competency to stand trial
  • Hearings on the defendant’s release from mental institution
  • Whether the accused or offender is in the community or in custody

Personalize Victim Notifications

Use eCourtDate to send personalized notifications based on the victim's preferences. Add additional contact methods for family members.

  • TEXT

    The most popular way to notify victims. Allows for easy two-way communication.

  • CALL

    Ideal for victims without a smartphone or a cell plan. Supports voicemail.


    Ideal for corporate victims and for case status notifications.

  • CHAT

    Ideal for victims without a cell plan or without safe access to their own device.

Secure Victim Portals

Provide victims a secure web portal to read messages, manage documents, access support resources, check case status, and view upcoming events.

  • Self-Enroll Form

    Victims sign up directly via web or QR code.

  • Contact Preferences

    Victims choose their own contact and language preferences.

Demo Victim Case Portal

Multilingual Notification Solution for Local and State Court Systems

Court Date Reminders

Reduce failure-to-appear rates in court by reminding defendants and probationers about upcoming court dates.

Payment Reminders

Send one-off and recurring payment plan reminders linked to trackable payment portals.

Victim Notifications

Notify victims about associated cases and generate private portals to personalize victim services.

Jury Duty Notifications

Juror notifications software solution for court systems.

Location Closures

Notify all court date participants and the general public about closures due to weather or other incidents.

Supervision Check-ins

Send randomized supervision check-ins with video, geolocation, and device registration.