Increase Appearance Rates

Streamline Jury Service

Improve Access to Justice

Quickly inform groups of jurors about their court service.

Ensure jurors are informed throughout their experience with the Court.

  • Send a series of scheduled reminders via text, email, and voice.
  • Track message delivery and open status.
  • Trigger automated notifications about last-minute changes.
  • Personalize messages with important case information.

Remind and Notify Jurors

Quickly text groups of jurors with personalized messages.

  • Scheduled Court Dates

    Automatically remind jurors about virtual and in-person hearings.

  • Last-minute Changes

    Quickly inform jurors about last-minute changes.

  • Two-way Messaging

    Easily resolve juror questions and issues via two-way messaging.

Accessible Juror Web Portals

Personalized self-service web portals for jurors.

  • Enrollment and Surveys

    Embed personalized surveys and questionnaires for each case.

  • Important Information

    Share important court information and resources.

Juror Communications Web Portal for Courts

Uses Cases for the Justice System

Communications software for courts, corrections, and law enforcement.

Court Reminders

Increase court appearance rates by reminding defendants about upcoming court dates.

Payment Reminders

Send one-off and recurring payment plan reminders linked to trackable payment portals.

Victim Notifications

Inform victims about their rights, upcoming court cases, and offender status.

Juror Notifications

Quickly notify groups of jurors about upcoming court dates and court procedures.

Weather Notifications

Notify all court participants about court closures or other last-minute information.

Drug Test Notifications

Randomly notify offenders in pretrial and probation about their next drug or alcohol test.