Too many times people forget and then they pick up a failure to appear warrant, which means additional court costs, causes their driver's license to be suspended, and they run the risk of facing jail by missing court.

Defendants Not Showing Up For Court?

If your Court experiences more than a 5% failure-to-appear rate, we can help.

Missing court is costly to everyone - not only the Court's time. By reducing no-shows, we reduce bench warrants, arrests, jail stays, and taxpayer dollars.

Ensure that "I didn't know" is not a reason for a defendant missing court.

Court Hearings Notifications

Notify defendants with timely messages about their court dates.

  • Scheduled Court Dates

    Remind defendants about virtual and in-person hearings.

  • Last-minute Changes

    Quickly inform defendants about last-minute changes.

  • Auto-Reply to Inbound Calls and Messages

    Save time with auto-responses to common questions over phone, text, and email.

  • Include guardians and contacts

    Keep guardians and other contacts in the loop about the defendant's case.

Multilingual Notification Solution for Local and State Court Systems

Court Date Reminders

Reduce failure-to-appear rates in court by reminding defendants and probationers about upcoming court dates.

Payment Reminders

Send one-off and recurring payment plan reminders linked to trackable payment portals.

Victim Notifications

Notify victims about associated cases and generate private portals to personalize victim services.

Jury Duty Notifications

Juror notifications software solution for court systems.

Location Closures

Notify all court date participants and the general public about closures due to weather or other incidents.

Supervision Check-ins

Send randomized supervision check-ins with video, geolocation, and device registration.