Court Date Reminder You are required to appear at Central County Court tomorrow at 8:00 AM.

How Court Date Reminders Could* Work

You'll receive a series of text messages for a hypothetical court date next week. Each message is personalized, timed based on the appearance date, and linked to an informative web page.

Message When
Welcome Message When added to eCourtDate
Opt-in Confirmation After defendant opts-in
Message #1 7 days prior to court date
Message #2 3 days prior to court date
Message #3 1 day prior to court date
Message #4 Morning of court date

* Everything about eCourtDate is customizable. Though this demonstration is for a defendant experience; the admin is where you'll control the program.

Try It Now

This is only a demonstration of court date reminders and is not for a real court appearance. We don't spam or give your data to any third parties.