Supervise Offender and Higher Risk Populations Without Ankle Monitors

Smartphone-based tools for clients under supervision.

Random Check-ins

Randomly require smartphone check-ins from clients under supervision.

Accurate Geolocation

Get enforced and precise geolocation data with every check-in.

Register Devices to Clients

Register client devices with unique fingerprints to validate check-ins.

Live Selfie on Every Check-in

Require clients to take a live selfie for automated comparison with a base image.

An Alternative to Ankle Monitors

Combines smartphone GPS, IP address, Wi-Fi, and device data to create a unique fingerprint of every registered device.

Higher location accuracy and faster updates than GPS or cellular only ankle monitors.

Go backwards and monitor location in real-time.

Require check-ins based on risk and supervision level.

Assign clients to officers and custom groups.

Notify officers and other parties when clients enter exclusion zones.

Works in tandem with related notifications such as court date and drug test reminders.

Automated comparison of live selfies with confidence score.

Export client activity history for reporting and supervision boards.

Failed texts (SMS) check-in with geolocation
Client profile on mobile

Supervisor App

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