When the Send Mode is SIMULATE, message delivery is simulated based on the message's scheduled date and time. For example, if the message is scheduled to be sent at 9 am, and the Send Mode is on Simulate between 8:59 am - 09:01 am, then the message delivery will be simulated (regardless of when the message was initially created). If you then switch to LIVE at 09:02, any messages that are scheduled thereafter will be sent LIVE.

Key Points

  • The Send Mode supersedes all other settings if on SIMULATE.
  • Change the Send Mode via the footer of any in-app page or General Settings.
  • Only SUPER ADMIN users may change the Send Mode.
  • Send Mode changes takes effect immediately although any already dispatched messages may have been processed based on the previous Send Mode.
  • Changing the Send Mode is the fastest way to stop outbound messages in case of any configuration issues.
  • Any messages simulated sent, may be resent via the Console Resend Simulated Messages Tool.
Change to Live Mode Send Mode Status

Live outbound messages are completely disabled on the Staging Region.

  • Inbound messages may be tested live on staging.
  • All other aspects of staging and production regions are identical.

One-off messages with the Simulate Message option enabled will be sent simulated regardless of the Send Mode.

One-off Simulate Message

Use the Bulk Actions Test Run button to simulate send all of the messages for the given Bulk Action.

Bulk Actions Test Run

Use the Flows Simulate checkbox to simulate all messages for the given Flow regardless of Send Mode.

Flows Simulate

Use the Auto Messages Simulate checkbox to simulate all messages for the given Auto Message regardless of Send Mode.

Auto Messages Simulate