Automate Your Court’s Event Schedule

And Send Automated Messages for Any Kind of Event.

Random Event Scheduling

Automatically schedule random events such as drug tests by group, risk level, and supervision level.

Self-Help Tools

Allow clients to schedule, reschedule, and cancel court related events via text or Case Portal.

Recurring Schedules

Generate recurring events and automatically send notifications with flexible and dynamic rules.

Send Notifications

Send notifications to groups based on your rules or their preferences.

Events dashboard calendar view

Interactive Scheduling

eCourtDate automatically schedules events and notifies relevant parties based on their preference or your rules, saving you and your staff time.

Schedule events automatically for all clients fitting custom parameters, or within custom groups.

You control who can do what and see what with personalized permissions and assignment rules. Choose read-only, or editable with drag-and-drop for specific users.

eCourtDate’s Scheduler integrates with Google G Suite and Office 365 calendars seamlessly.

User and Client Friendly Displays and Functions

Beautiful full-screen calendars you will want to display on televisions and monitors in your court or lobby. Our calendars are easy to read at a glance with color-coding by event type, client group, or your own custom preferences.

Update in real-time with streaming connectivity. Filter by date, court location, case type, client group, and more to display only what you want.

Make scheduling client-friendly with our built-in Messenger Bot and Case Portals. Our self-service capability allows recipients to reschedule events based on your rules and availabilities.

Court date reminder scheduling plan

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