Multi-Agency Mode

Deploy eCourtDate for multiple agencies or departments.

What's an agency?

An eCourtDate agency is an independent account that can be used for a variety of use cases.

Typically, a local municipal court will only require one agency.

We recommend multi-agency mode for county, regional, or state-level; where an administrative office may roll out eCourtDate to separate "agencies" within their oversight.

Examples of multi-agency deployments:

  • A county procures multi-agency eCourtDate for the Municipal Court, Adult Court, and Juvenile courts.
  • An Administrative Office of the Courts procures multi-agency eCourtDate for each county in their state.
  • A city procures multi-agency eCourtDate for each Pretrial and Probation service.

Benefits of multi-agency mode:

  • Settings can be configured differently for each agency
  • All data is independent for each agency
  • Control user access on an agency-level
  • Get reports and analytics on an agency and multi-agency level
  • Share the same billing subscription with multiple agencies
  • Users with multi-agency access can easily "switch" between agencies
  • Transfer clients across agencies on-demand or based on automated transfer rules

What are the technical specifications?

eCourtDate uses a multi-tenant design to provide the highest performance and security per agency. Each agency is an isolated tenant with its own limits. A similar concept would be a computer with multiple users or a server with multiple virtual operating systems.