No Hardware Needed

Check-in visitors quickly on their mobile device.

Real-Time Virtual Lobby

Share and display a real-time waitlist for the public.

Syncs with your Docket

Built-in case and appointment lookup.

Self Check-in

Walk ins and scheduled events can self check in via text or QR code.

Mobile Self Check-in Portals

Virtual Waitlist

Show a public waitlist status and send an alert when ready.

Virtual Waitlist Portals

Al Capone failed to appear for a scheduled court event. A bench warrant will be issued for your arrest within 24 hours.

Proactively Notify Failure to Appears

Track no-shows and send follow-up messages when defendants don't check in.

Kiosks Are for Yesterday's Courts

Why suffer with clunky kiosks that barely work?

  • Unintuitive Designs

    Kiosks force visitors through hoops instead of a seamless experience.

  • Hardware and Maintenance Upkeep

    Kiosks are outdated the moment they leave the factory.

  • Security Vulnerability

    Kiosks are sitting ducks for hackers intent on wreaking chaos.

  • Health Hazard

    Kiosks are disease vectors and are incongruous in a touch-free world.