Core Products

All-In-One Messaging

A single platform for courts to communicate with every party to a case.

Pay Plan Notifications

Send pay plan notifications and outstanding payment reminders.

Virtual Video Rooms

Secure video rooms for virtual court.

Smartphone Geomonitoring

Pretrial and probation supervision check-ins with geolocation and alerts.

Judicial Analytics

Data-driven judicial decision making.

U.S. Mail Notifications

Automated letters and postcards via the U.S. Postal Service.

Self-Service Web Portals

Mobile-friendly web portals without any apps to install.

Mobile Check-ins

Check in Court visitors without clunky kiosks.

Add-On Products

Multi-Agency Mode

Deploy eCourtDate for multiple agencies or departments.

Local Phone Numbers

Local phone numbers with two-way texts and calls support.

Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Toll-free phone numbers with two-way texts and calls support.

SFTP Gateway

Automate data transfer via Secure File Transfer Protocol.

International Messaging

Send texts and calls to recipients outside of the U.S and Canada.

Address Verifications

Verify addresses for mail delivery with US Mail.

Custom User Identity Provider

Use your own oAuth2-based Identity Provider (IDP).