Legal communication shouldn't be so hard

Easily send effective messages and reminders to any device.

  • First Reminder

    7 days before Court

    Hi John, you have a court date scheduled on 10/25/2017 at Central Court, Room 202-B.

  • Second Reminder

    3 days before Court

    Reminder: you have a court date coming up in 3 days at Central Court, Room 202-B.

  • Third Reminder

    Night before Court

    Don't forget that you have Court tomorrow morning. Make sure to arrive by 8AM.

  • Final Reminder

    Morning of Court

    You are due to appear in court in two hours. Please arrive on time to avoid penalties.

Social Lookups

Better understand clients from their social profiles.

  • Jamie Doe 29 year old female, Yoga instructor
  • Social
  • Emails
  • Phones 444-222-1111
  • Languages English, EspaƱol
  • Contacts Amanda Joe (Sister)
  • Addresses 123 Sunny Circle, Demo Town, Florida 12345

Tone Analyzer

Understand client moods based on response.


Thanks for the heads up!


I'm not going to court.


I can't afford the late fees.

Location Intelligence

Track client location usage and inform officers of unusual activity.

Support your entire office

Designed for teams to provide personalized access and capabilities.

  • Team calendaring.
  • Assign clients to officers and staff.
  • Admin level controls.
  • Activity tracking.
Dashboard Demo

Client Portal

Enroll and inform defendants straight from your website.

The end of failures to appear

A day of setup. Years of results.

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