Why Start a Pilot Program?

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Design Program Strategy

Pilots are an ideal learning opportunity prior to starting a larger scale reminder program.

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Opportunity to Test

Experiment with a variety of tests to study effectiveness down to a statistical certainty.

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Documented Results

Create interactive reports and share with your agency and key stakeholders.

Sample Test Questions

  • Which messaging channels receive the highest open rates (text, email, etc)?
  • Does the delivery time of a reminder make a difference (8 AM vs 2 PM)?
  • What's the most effective content?
  • Does warning of consequences make a difference?
  • How many reminders are just right?
  • Should you repeat the same message template or different ones?
  • Do messages in the client's native language make a difference?
  • Do inbound or two-way conversations help?
  • Does including family members encourage appearances?

Pilot Programs Key Services

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A/B Test Design

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Custom Reporting

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Ask Survey Questions

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Track Control Group

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Measure Conversions

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Testing Specialist