Omnichannel Outbound Messaging

Send outbound texts, emails, and calls through one platform.

Demo Outbound Messages in eCourtDate Dashboard
Demo Spanish Flow Template Message

Multilingual Messaging

Communicate in the client's preferred language with built-in translation support.

Outbound Message Tracking

Know who receives each message with unique, real-time tracking.

Demo of Opened Message with Tracking Data
Demo of Sending a One-off Message in eCourtDate

One-off Messaging

Send ad-hoc messages at any time with canned templates and auto-translation.

Scheduled Reminders

Automatically schedule a series of reminders for upcoming events.

Demo of Scheduled Reminders for an Event
Demo of Failure to Appear Auto Message

Auto Messages

Trigger auto messages based on the latest case and event status.

Attach Files

Link messages to downloadable files with electronic signature support.

Demo of Sending a File in eCourtDate