Supports Every Case Type

Use configurable triggers to create the messaging schedule for your needs.

  • Events

    Trigger messages based on the event date, event type, location, and status.

  • Payments

    Trigger messages based on payment amount, issue date, due date, and status.

Fully-configurable Court Case Notifications

Two-Way Support

Send and receive messages with clients. Automatically route inbound messages based on the assigned user or department.

  • Conversation Mode

    Allow assigned users such as Probation Officers to reply via email.

  • Do Not Reply Mode

    Automatically trigger messages to indicate that two-way is not available.

Supports Two-Way and One-Way Messaging

Know Who Got The Message

Get the latest delivery status in real-time for any message.

Message Delivery and Open Tracking

Send One-Offs When Needed

Send one-offs to clients without using a personal device.

  • Single One-Offs

    Write a one-off or use a personalized template.

  • Bulk One-Offs

    Run bulk one-offs with advanced search parameters.

Manual and Bulk One-Off Messaging

Smart Auto-Replies

Enable keyword-based replies for common flows such as rescheduling, adding a contact, checking-in, or changing their language.

Auto-Replies based on Keywords