Omnichannel Inbound Messaging

Receive inbound texts, emails, and calls through one platform.

Demo Outbound Messages in eCourtDate Dashboard
Demo Spanish Flow Template Message

Multilingual Inbound Calls

Design AI-synthesized voice responses with support for up to 23 languages.

Inbound Message Tracking

Track and process inbound email attachments, MMS texts, and voice recordings in one dashboard.

Demo of Opened Message with Tracking Data
Demo of Sending a One-off Message in eCourtDate

Auto-Forwarding Rules

Forward inbound messages to assigned users and departments.

Demo of Failure to Appear Auto Message

Auto Replies

Trigger auto replies with configurable prompts based on business hours.

AI-based Chatbot

Enable an AI-based chatbot to help change language preference, opt-in, opt-out, check in for events, and complete surveys.

Demo of Sending a File in eCourtDate