Nothing To Install

Require geolocation monitoring without any apps or hardware.

High Precision

Get device coordinates and other meta information for each geolocation ping.

Real-Time Alerts

Monitor check-ins in real-time and trigger safety alerts.

Real-Time Geolocation

Send one-off and randomly recurring check-in links that provide a real-time geolocation ping without running in the background of the device.

Inclusion and Exclusion Zones

Create custom inclusion and exclusion zones based on addresses or coordinates.

  • Customizable Radius and Time

  • Draw Areas or by Address

Send Timely Notifications

Alert recipients immediately if any geolocation is in an exclusion zone, outside of an inclusion zone, or if location permissions are denied.

  • Notify Victims

    Send victims timely safety alerts if the geolocation is nearby.

  • Notify Officers

    Notify officers in real-time about any geolocation violations.

Share History Reports

Create comprehensive and detailed history reports for law inforcement investigations and evidence collection.

Share Geomonitoring History Reports