Track Justice Metrics in Real-Time

Analyze large amounts of data about court cases to provide real-time data dashboards.

Identify where delays or other problems are occurring in the delivery of justice.

Produce customized reports and make informed decisions about process and policy changes.

Compatible With Any Data

Works with your preexisting data to create eCourtDate notifications.

Combine with structured and unstructured data to enhance analytical filtering.

Interactive Datapoints and Dashboards

Improve Court Appearance Rates

Use built-in dashboards to help improve virtual and in-person appearance rates.

Configure customizable statistics on court appearance, court docketing and case management.

Demo of Court Appearance Rates Dashboard

Share Privately

Share private dashboards with authorized users, roles, and domains.

Disable sharing of personally-identifiable-information (PII).

Private Data Dashboards Settings
Public Data Dashboards Settings

Share Publicly

Generate public data dashboards to share with the public.

Embed data dashboards into your agency's web pages.

Use a custom domain

Share on popular social media sites.

Create branded PDF reports with multi-agency support.