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Average failure to appear rate at munipical level

16 - 52%

Reported reductions in failure to appear with eCourtDate


SMS delivery rate
85% Email open rate


Of people check their phone immediately upon waking

Woman receiving court date reminder notification

Send any kind of legal reminder to your clients without burdening your staff.

Court Date Reminders
Probation Reminders
Pretrial Release Reminders
Traffic Citations
Daily Check-in Reminders
Notice to Appear
Payment Reminders
Drug/Alcohol Tests
Jury Notices
Weekly Check-in Reminders

Invite All Stakeholders

Personalized features for each stakeholder need.

Court Administrators

Admins have an eagle eye view of everything going on.

Officers & Attorneys

Assigned officers and attorneys can manage their own clients and receive copies of reminders.


Clients receive reminders and other messages about their case. In addition, they can access a web-based portal to learn more.


Often it's just as important to include client contacts such as family members in reminders.

Clients dashboard on mobile device

Key Features

Example of mobile app dashboard

Message Tracking

Every single message is uniquely tagged, tracked, and monitored.

Two-Way Conversations

Not just for reminders, send messages back and forth with clients. In fact, over 43% of clients respond with a "thank you".

Speed & Reliability

Reliable access with near instant load speeds and almost zero downtime.

Client Portal

Provide a web portal with additional event details and location info.

Customize Everything

Design a reminder program that fits your needs.