Criminal Justice Research, Analytics, and Reporting

Judicial Analytics to Optimize Your Court's Operations

Evaluate the impact of court date notifications and reminders

Analyze the impact of pretrial supervision and case management

Define and assess court failure to appear rate

Reduce Failure To Appear

Improve and Track Important Metrics.

Innovative software with failure to appear analytics combined with messaging, device connection, client profiles, court case data, and more.

Court notifications and messaging to help you reduce FTA, and analytics to help you track it.

Analyze pre-reminder data to create historical FTA rates and then compare with post-reminder data within the same date ranges automatically.

Create power analyses, A/B comparisons, and segment rates by case type, location, judge, and demographics to compare and measure by time scale, location, and agency.

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Reports FTA dashboard

Analyze What Matters Most to You

Configure reports to analyze your court’s results, and automate them to export on a regular schedule.

Run advanced, multi-dataset queries and apply custom treatments and population groups.

Define your own start and end dates and compare aggregated data across custom parameters and settings.

Use your own fields, design your own queries, and create unlimited reports, all updated in real-time and delivered on your schedule.

A Decision Engine for Courts

Our powerful and dynamic reporting tool will help you make decisions based on data and facts with confidence.

Create your own custom reports to make better and more informed decisions.

Gain highly valuable insights on court operations and defendant activities and compliance.

Create dynamic campaigns and compare across segmented population groups.

Find the most cost-effective practices to improve court appearances and meet and exceed custom goals.

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Analyze and Share your Research Results

Automate exportable reports and stay updated on your court's latest, up-to-date critical strategic data.

Limit access to clients’ personally identifiable data by masking data, creating anonymous reports that give you the data you need.

Export data to raw and processed formats, like CSV, JSON, and PDF to share read-only links directly with key decision makers.

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