Court Reminders and Notifications

Remind, notify, and reply to defendants about upcoming court appearances.

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Reach defendants like never before

Use eCourtDate to stay connected with defendants and increase appearance rates.


Send reminders about upcoming court dates and other obligations.


Communicate via SMS, emails, calls, text to speech, and prerecorded audio.

Smart Replies

Trigger custom actions and flows.

Real-time Status

Track the real-time status of every message.

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Court date reminders automation

Data Sync

Automatically export and sync with your case management system.

Processing & Reports

Super fast processing can handle validating 10,000 clients in a few minutes.

Conditional Rules

Create, update, merge, archive, transfer, validate, alert and many more dynamic actions.

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Reach. Remind. Reply.

Ensure your court reaches every defendant


Know the delivery status of every message.

Scheduled and Recurring Messages

Auto send court date reminders and scheduled messages.

Custom Reminder Templates

Visually write and customize reminder templates.

Multilingual Messaging

Send reminders in the language preference of each defendant.

Opt-in and Opt-out Capability

Set how each defendant should opt-in to reminders.

Integrated into Case Portal

Instantly integrated into all messages.