Turbo Charge Collections of Fines and Fees

Automated payment reminders and notifications for courts and justice systems

Text Payment Notices

Collect payments faster and with lower costs than mailed notifications.

Payment Portals

Use your own payment portal and merchant gateway for online payments.

Recurring Payments

Send notifications for payment plans, ongoing fees, and other recurring payments.

Prefilled Links

Minimize the number of steps it takes to make a single payment.

Personalized Collection Messages Increase Payments

Payment solutions to easily, securely, and efficiently manage and collect your court's fines and fees.

Using our platform helps increase your efficiency in managing fines and fees as well as increasing your revenue.

Fully configurable and customizable multilingual payment reminder templates.

You have an unpaid traffic ticket issued on May 19th, 2019. Click [PortalLink] to pay to avoid a bench warrant being issued in your name.
Thank you for your attention.

Usted tiene una multa impaga de $125 por citar "XYAZ129". Haga clic aquĆ­ para pagar ahora.

Illustration of mobile secure payment

Secure, Online Payments

Provide payers a secure way to pay online.

Payment Portal is a comprehensive and intuitive user interface for your clients to settle their unpaid citations and fees and avoid unnecessary bench warrants being issued.

Custom Payment Portal for each individual with an overdue payment.

Capable of accepting recurring, one-time, and partial payments.

Increase Efficiency and Payments

Our payment solution makes it convenient and easy for clients to pay.

Lower your administrative burden by automating the hassle of reminders and follow ups.

Set up recurring reminders for outstanding payments.

Customize recurring reminder templates.

Missed payment reminder

Reduce Failure to Pay

Decrease the risk of clients forgetting payment due dates and incurring late fees.

Our outbound text and email Payment Reminders keep your clients up to date on when their payment is due.

Traffic citation reminder message

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Federally designated Low-Income Communities receive a 50% discount.




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