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Reduce failure to appear rates by sending multilingual court hearing notifications.

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Notify all parties to a case about relevant court notifications.

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Effective Court Date Reminders

Personalized for every Court Recipient.

Welcome to court date reminders. To opt in to receive reminders, reply with YES or click here [PortalLink]. Message and data rates may apply.

Yes please 🙂

You have a court date scheduled on 03/26/21 at 11:30am at County Court. Click this link for details [PortalLink]
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You have court tomorrow 02/27/21 at 2:15pm at County Court before Judge Harrison. Arrive at least 1 hour before event time. An attorney will help you through the process. Missing court can lead to your arrest. [PortalLink]
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REMINDER: you have a court date on 03/05/21 at 3pm. Missing court can lead to your arrest. Reply STOP to end texts. Learn more here [PortalLink]
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Alphonse Capone, you have a scheduled Court Date on 03/25/21 at 9am at Municipal Court. Reply STOP to opt out of messages.


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Court Date Reminder Schedule

Automate Reminders on a Customizable Schedule.

Defendants receive a Welcome Message explaining the court date reminder program.

Welcome to court date reminders by County Court. We will send you important information about your case via text. Message and data rates may apply. Reply with STOP to opt out. Learn more: [PortalLink]

Defendants receive a notification once the court hearing is scheduled.

A court date has been scheduled for John Dillinger on 03/25/21 at 10am at Municipal Court. Learn more: [PortalLink]

Defendants receive additional reminders up until the court date.

Reminder: A court date has been scheduled for Sam Giancana on 03/30/21 at 9am at County Court. Missing court can lead to your arrest. Learn more: [PortalLink]

If court is closed.

County Court is closed on 03/02/21 due to Level II snow. Your upcoming court date for case ABC-123 is cancelled. We'll notify you once rescheduled.

If the defendant misses court.

Warning Bonnie Parker: A bench warrant has been issued for your arrest due to missing a court-ordered hearing. Present yourself to law enforcement or contact your attorney immediately.

Case Web Portal

Mobile-friendly, self-service web.

Every message is linked to a web-based Case Portal where clients can learn more information about their court date and obligations.

Upcoming Court Appearances

Clients see upcoming appearances and case details.

Personal Profiles

Clients set their preferred language and contact preferences.

Forms and Surveys

Send and require intake forms and surveys.

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Why People Miss Their Court Date

Most failures to appear are due to forgetfulness or circumstances beyond a defendant's control, and not for criminal or evasive intentions.

  • Lack of information about the court date.
  • Unable to take time off work.
  • Court notice mailed to an outdated address.
  • Unable to find child care.
  • Due to unforeseeable events.

Consequences of Failure to Appear

Missing a court date has a cascading impact on our communities.

Failure to appear is the primary driver of bench warrants being issued.

Bench warrants cost communities and court systems time and money.

Enforcement of bench warrants adds additional costs and diverts resources.

Jailing those unable to pay costs communities many times over the cost of helping defendants avoid bench warrants with timely and meaningful communications.

  • Text messages open rate98%

  • Reminders help reduce FTA by up to50%

  • Including FTA consequences increases appearance by up to 40%