Automate Court Reminders and Notifications

A suite of tools to create a fully automatable court reminders and notifications program.

API and File Imports

Integrate with your case management via a REST API or import batch files programmatically.

Ready to Scale

Send more than 10,000 messages per day powered by asynchronous and load balanced services.

Automated Reports

Get phone validation, messages, logs, and custom reports automatically in your inbox.

Dynamic Message Flows

Create dynamic, multilingual messages based on date differences, recurring frequencies, random, and one-time schedules.

Personalize messages using customizable merge tags.

Create different flows for case types and population groups.

Screenshot of eCourtDate flows page.

API, File Imports, and Processing Rules

Integrate data automatically and create processing rules to decide how clients and cases should be updated.

Sync with your data sources from 15 minute to 24 hour intervals.

Create custom processing rules per data source.

Log and track each import uniquely.

Test runs and cancellation tools built in.

Screenshot of eCourtDate Uploads page

Unique ID

We use your own unique client or case IDs to create processing rules. If you don’t have one, we can automatically identify unique clients based on a combination of their name, contacts, and other fields.

Built-in validation

We automatically validate any phone numbers and email addresses you import. We’ll provide you reports of invalid contacts and ones that don’t match the registered caller ID.

Interactive and Exportable Reports

Get insights into court operations automatically in your inbox.

Screenshot of eCourtDate reports page.